How to pay bill with wells fargo dealer services

Wells Fargo provides various types of online services. These services are most beneficial for consumers. They can access their accounts from anywhere and anytime. They can transfer money, check their credits and manage credits etc. But one of the best online services of Wells Fargo bill payment service. 

Consumers can pay their bills, including electricity bill, gas bill, water bill, post paid or any other type of bill from their accounts. Simply they have to login to their accounts first. You can also make your loan payments from your well fargo account.

There are many types of methods through which you can make bill payments.

First of all you have to log in to your account in the official website of Wells Fargo services in your browser.

  •     You have to choose account services on the website page. Under the account services there is an option “set up recurring payment” will be available under the transfer section. Click on that button. Then provide your necessary information and pay the bill directly.
  •     You can also make your billing payment from the menu bar just by clicking on “Personal” then banking and credit cards. In accounts services click on “Transfer & Pay”. It will lead you to a new page. In this page you will see two types of the options one is of “transfer money” and the other is of “Pay bills”. Click under the Bill pay button. It will lead you to a new page where you have to click on the “Get started with Bill pay” button available in the middle of the page.
  •     Sign in to your account and then pay your bill.

That was the easiest and the quickest method of payments. You can also pay your bills on a mobile app