How To check iqama Expiry

How To Check Iqama Expiry?

Hi Dear, our today topic is how to check iqama expiry?. Basically this is the Last or finalized date of iqama.

The Iqama is the permission or Allow letter in The KSA Called as Saudi Arabia. Peoples need permission to Work in Saudi Arabia in any field need permission.

The permission letter needs to renew and know the status every Month and Year. So some peoples don’t know about it and don’t care about the end date, therefore they face many problems like the cancellation of their iqama or sometimes paying heavy fines.

So Take Care of these things like the fine or cancellation by checking the status or expiry date of your iqama on time and renew it before the end. If you do this then there is no chance of cancellation of fine.

Care is necessary for everything. Many peoples working in Saudi Arabia in different filed and different kinds of work like the Worker or Driver and many more fields. So all these peoples must focus to check the status of your iqama.

There Are Many methods To check iqama status. Here we will discuss the most valid and easy method. To understand this method and check all about it. Click here To Check Iqama Expiry and complete status about that

How To Check Iqama Expiry With Absher?

How To Check iqama Expiry

The Easiest and quick method is to check with Absher application. This is available and easy to install from the Google Play store. The first step is to the download Absher app from Google Play Store.

When the install method is done, then open and click on the new user option. First of all, register yourself as a new user in this app if you did not have already account.

Some Things are necessary to create or register yourself as a new user. These things are your name, iqama number, phone number, email and all other related information to fill the forum.

After filling the forum and verifying yourself as a not reboot and verify phone number for activating the account. When you have done these things then your account is ready to use.

Use your secret user name and password which you enter in the time of creating an account. When you do this and click to login then the Absher app easily login. Now click on the dashboard option of this app. The Dashboard Option gives you many options like check iqama expiry. So click on it and check the whole details of your iqama by entering these iqama number.

This is the latest and easy way to check iqama expiry. I hope you understand the whole method. If you have any issue then you can take help from us by commenting below.