Chat Avenue FAQs

Chat Avenue provides the best entertainment platform to people around the globe. They can enjoy making chats and webcam calls to strangers. Some new users are confused. There are some questions and their answers, with the help of these questions and answers users can make themselves satisfied. And understand chat avenues smoothly in 1 chat avenue

  1. Does chat avenue cost any money?

Chat Avenue mostly provides free service in different chat rooms. Such as a kids chat room that does not need to pay for any money.

  1. Can i post my profile picture on Chat Avenue?

Yes! You can post your profile picture on chat avenue like you upload your picture on other social networks.

  1. How can I post a picture?

First of all you need to go to the chat room then choose a picture from your picture gallery. Long click the picture you want to upload, or just drag the picture.

Look at the dotted frame around the chat room, release the mouse click and your picture will be uploaded in a moment. Also read Chat Avenue FAQs

  1. How many chat rooms did Chat Avenue provide?

Chat room is a huge chat room service or website. It has about 19 chat rooms in its servers. All the chat rooms are working successfully. These are kids chat rooms, chat room, adult chat room, gay chat room etc.

  1. Can we access chat Avenue on mobile?

Yes! Chat avenue provides an application named Chat Avenue B. This app has many features. It can be downloaded on mobile phones, laptops or desktops. Through this application, one can access his account easily.

  1. Does chat Avenue provide adult service?

Chat Avenue provides different adult chat rooms which just adult can take part. Visitor must be more than 18 years old. He can enjoy through webcam and chat bots.