Black Cherry



An introduction

Blackcherry Accessories is one of the RSA's most thriving handbag fashion brands. The brand has carved a niche in the RSA market, targeting 23 – 45 year-old fashion-conscious women with stylish and affordable adaptations of catwalk trends. Blackcherry products distinguish themselves by giving the customer the "look" which incorporates the latest fashion trends while at the same time giving customers a fashion accessory that offers value for money.


Blackcherry was founded in 2006 in Cape Town, South Africa. It provides women with affordable, stylish and confidence boosting fashion products and accessories. Blackcherry, an associate company of RIZZO Sales, has evolved from a single product development and sourcing/distribution wholesaler, to a large number of independent retailers nationally as well as several chain stores which are mostly under house brands. The company's own brands include Blackcherry, Diva, Ruby Red, G & G and Cover Girl.

Our style

Blackcherry is renowned for its distinctive look and style, embracing fashion value and celebrating the image conscious. We adapt contemporary catwalk trends and popular SA fashion to the Blackcherry style, creating a unique and individual look that our customers love.

Our customers


The Blackcherry woman is fashion-forward, feminine, sexy, fun-loving and confident. While our core market falls into the 23-45 age bracket, our style is more about a state of mind than a specific demographic. Anyone with a sense of glamour and style, who wants to look good and feel great, will be inspired by our range of handbags, clutches and accessories